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Tips for Training Cats to Walk on Leashes


When you put a cat leash on your beloved pet, you’re bound to see their inner tiger emerge. Of course, there are a few cats who are adventurous enough to let you try this with them. Unfortunately, this is something you won’t know until you try.

Why Train Your pet to Walk on a cat Leash

Both you and your cat will benefit from him walking on a leash. He will enjoy a stimulating experience that will enrich his life. You will get to enjoy taking him on walks and getting exercise with him. Together the two of you will have a great bonding experience too.

Tips for  on a cat Leash

While this is something you can do with your cat at any age, the sooner, the better. Of course, you will need to be patient. Here are a few other tips that will help you as well:

  • Find the right harness. You want one that’ll securely wrap around your cat and stay snugly (not tightly) in place. This is why you should measure the front of his chest, middle, and behind his front legs. Don’t use a collar because this could harm his windpipe.
  • While you’re at home, slowly introduce your cat to the leash. Don’t rush to put it on him. Let him sniff and play with it. Once you do get it on him, let him move around the house and get comfortable wearing it. Make sure he can’t wiggle his way out of his harness though.
  • Don’t attach the leash to the harness right away – give your cat time to adapt. Once you do finally attach it, walk your cat around the house so he gets comfortable. Make sure you give him plenty of treats and ear scratches while doing all these things.
  • Choose a good location for your cat’s first outdoor adventure with you – somewhere safe and semi-private so he feels relaxed, secure, and confident.
  • Always take a towel with you so if something goes wrong you can quickly wrap him up and get him safely back inside.

What Happens When Leash Training Doesn’t Work

If you notice that your cat doesn’t enjoy walking on his leash with you, it may be that you need to slow down and use more incentives. While it may simply take your cat a little more time to adapt to a leash, there are some cats who never will adapt. For these cats you may enjoy being outside with them in a cat tent or a stroller instead.

Successfully Walking Your pet on a cat Leash

Now that you know how to get your pet to walk on a cat leash, you’ll want to have a vet who is available when you need them. This is why so many clients highly recommend Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Care Center. While you and your cat shouldn’t experience any problems with the adventures you undertake, it’s always nice to know that they’ll be there if you do need them.

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