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Why Tampa Is Third In The U.S.A. For Pet Friendliness


According to Wallet Hub’s list of 2019’s Most Pet Friendly Cities, Tampa, FL loves their dogs. This personal finance website took the time to create a list of the 100 largest cities based on a set of 24 key metrics they devised. Within this list Tampa ranked third in terms of pet friendliness while St. Petersburg, FL ranked thirty-sixth. The only two areas that topped Tampa in this metric were Scottsdale, AZ (coming in first place) and Orlando, FL (coming in first place).

Why This Study was Conducted

This study was conducted in advance of National Homeless Animals Day, which was held on August 17. It understood that pet friendliness in America is rampant with over 85 million homes owning pets and spending about $75 billion per year on them. Based on this information, Wallet Hub wanted to learn where these animals enjoyed the highest quality of life without spending a whole lot of money to do so. As such, Wallet Hub looked at things like walkability, how much it cost to visit pat-related businesses, and what pet care providers were charging.

What This Study Discovered

Wallet Hub’s discoveries in terms of pet friendliness are interesting, even if you’re not a pet owner. They discovered that:

  • Stockton, CA has the lowest per visit cost for vets ($37.08) while Plano, TX charges twice the amount ($84.24).
  • Newark, NJ has the fewest vets per square foot of population (0.0038) while Miami, FL has 88.9 times the number (0.3380).
  • St. Paul, MN has the lowest monthly fee for dog insurance premiums ($34.84) while San Francisco, CA charges 2.5 times more ($88.76).
  • Newark, NJ has the fewest pet businesses per square foot of population (0.0395) while San Francisco, CA has 21.4 times as man (0.8445).

Where Tampa Bay, FL Ranks

Tampa Bay is known for its pet friendliness, beating out St. Petersburg, FL when it comes to the cost of owning a pet (e.g. vet care, dog insurance premiums). Here Tampa ranked tenth while St. Petersburg ranked forty-sixth. Tampa also ranked higher when it came to having things like more dogs per capita, dog-friendly trails, and dog shows.

This has surprised some people because St. Petersburg won the 2019 Better Cities for Pets award for its pet friendliness. They also received a $30,000 grant from the U.S. Conference of Mayors based on this merit. Nevertheless, it still ranks significantly lower than bot Tampa and Orlando. Wallet Hub says that this lower ranking is primarily due to St. Petersburg’s lower pet health and wellness score – something that took into account the number of vets, pet caretakers, trainers, businesses, daycare, boarding, and meetup groups, as well as the number of dog-friendly restaurants, hotels, and shops. In this regard, Tampa ranked 17 while St. Petersburg came in fifty-sixth place.

As a pet owner you should know that you’re in good hands living in Tampa if your fur baby ever needs to see a vet. Simply reach out to the Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Care Center and you’ll receive top notch care.

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